Childhood Activities From The Past That Can Help You Lose Weight Now!

Activities that you took part in as a child were great forms of exercise, but that’s not why you were doing them. You were doing them because they were fun. Of course, your physical education teacher knew that every fun exercise he had you do, kept you in shape and boosted your healthy energy and stamina. He was preparing you for a lifetime of activity in hopes that you would continue it throughout your entire life. You can relive all of those fun childhood memories and get the exercise you need today by doing fun activities from the past that kept you on the move.

Whenever you’re ready for a good workout, and want to burn major calories, act like a kid and have fun. If you are a parent, going back to the activities you did as a child will make you the coolest parent ever.

Jump A Rope

Although you might have jumped a rope with your friends when you were a child, this is one activity that you can also do by yourself. You know you want to! Grab a rope and start jumping. You cannot say you forgot how, re-teaching yourself to jump rope is half the fun! This activity not only works numerous muscles in your body, it will also lift your mood. Who can frown when they’re jumping a rope?

While you’re smiling, you’ll be working several muscles in your legs including your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Your gluteal muscles will also benefit from jumping rope.

In addition to working lower body muscles, you’ll also be working upper body muscles including your arms, shoulders, and biceps. Your chest and back are also impacted, as these muscles are used as you balance yourself while jumping. As if you need any more reason to smile, you’re also burning a ton of calories.

To make the benefits even better, by building muscles through jump roping, you are reducing the chances of developing back injuries later in life.

Spin A Hula Hoop

When you were a kid you might have been the hula hoop champion on your block. But you may have a few misgivings about trying this activity now that you’re an adult. Go ahead and try. Even if it takes you awhile to get back into the rhythm of using a hula hoop, you’ll still be burning calories the whole time. You will also realize how much stronger your core muscles were as a child. The goal is to bring your core muscles back to the point where hula hooping is fun, and doesn’t make you sore.

The hula hoop is another activity that works several muscles in your body. Your core muscles, such as your abs, thighs, and glutes will thank you. When you get comfortable with the hoop, bend your knees and squat, while you keep the hoop moving to work your leg muscles. Additionally, spinning the hula hoop around your arm will help tone these muscles and the muscles in your upper body. Who knows, maybe you will become as good as one of those hula hoop dancers on Youtube.

Engage In Sports Activities

If you loved playing sports with the neighborhood kids when you were a child, you’ll also enjoy it today. Join a favorite sports team in your local area to get a good workout during practice and real games. If you’re unable to commit to a team, you can always engage in sporting activities on your own. When you had to play by yourself when you were a kid, you could find all kinds of ways to have fun. You can figure it out now too.

Shoot some hoops, kick a soccer ball around in the yard or see how long you can keep a birdie in the air with a badminton racket.

Play With Your Dog

If you loved playing with your dog as a child, you will love it now too. Don’t just play fetch, he is doing all of the work. Actually run with him, romp with him, run through the woods together. When you are running with your dog and playing with all of your might, he isn’t thinking about what muscles he is working, he is just enjoying it. This is the same mindset you need to have while you are playing with him. Set a goal for how much time you plan to play outside with your dog.

Not only will you drop some weight, your dog will be a lot happier. Remember, a tired dog, is a good dog.

Reward Yourself

While rewarding yourself isn’t an exercise activity, it is definitely an activity worth performing. Weight loss is a reward of its own, but giving yourself a treat at major milestones is just as important. No, we are not talking about an ice cream cone. Buying yourself a new pair of shoes, a purse, a new hat, or even a new outfit can be considered a reward too. The best part is, it is a reward that lasts for years.

If you are finally feeling great about yourself and your physical appearance, reward yourself with a gym membership and a personal trainer. You will see your progress skyrocket almost instantly if you are being guided by someone who pushes you to your limits. You will also be amazed at how rapidly your body fat transforms into solid muscle, a healthy form of weight to gain.

It doesn’t matter which activity you choose to do, or any combination of the activities listed above, what’s important is that you are doing something to get your body moving and you’re having fun while doing it! If you want to try them all, create a weekly schedule to hit all of the high points in your exercise routine. This lets you do everything, without pushing your body too hard at one time.

If at any time your body tells you that you are overdoing it, back off of your exercise routine for a few days.

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